6-Piece Bedroom Set Bed, 2 Nightstands, Chest, Dresser, Mirror

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Our beautiful 6-Piece Bedroom Set bed, two night stands, a chest, a dresser, and a mirror. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of classic style and modern craftsmanship, meticulously designed to elevate your bedroom decor.

Crafted with precision, this set boasts a timeless white finish that effortlessly complements any interior improves. The combination of solid wood and MDF construction guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring that this bedroom set will withstand the test of time.

The bed steals the focus with its graceful curved head board and foot board adorned with intricate detailing, exuding elegance and charm. It serves as the center piece, inviting you to relax and unwind in its embrace.

Completing the ensemble is a large mirror that adds a touch of glamour and functionality. It not only serves as a reflection of your style but also amplifies the sense of space, creating an illusion of a larger, more open room.

Indulge in the utmost style, elegance, and functionality with our 6-Piece Bedroom Set. This carful crafted collection combines classic allure with contemporary design, breathing new life into your bedroom home. Transform your space into a haven of comfort and sophistication with this extraordinary set.

6-Piece Bedroom Set Bed Features:

  • 6-Piece Bedroom Set with bed, two night stands, chest, dresser, and mirror
  • Classic style with white finish and complex details
  • Solid wood and MDF construction for durability
  • Curved headboard and footboard for elegance and comfort
  • Large mirror for glamour and space
  • Harmonious blend of classic and contemporary design



  • Queen Size (200cm x 160cm)
  • King Size (200cm x 180cm)
  • Super King Size (200cm x 200)

Night Stand:

  • 55cm Height x 45cm Width x 40cm Depth


  • 75cm Height x 120cm Width x 45cm Depth


  • 110cm Height x 90cm Width x 42cm Depth


  • 90cm Height x 70cm Width x 7cm B


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King Size With Spring Mattress, King Size Without Mattress, Queen Size With Spring Mattress, Queen Size Without Mattress, Super King With Spring Mattress, Super King Without Mattress

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