Haawa U Shape Sofa with Upholstered Modular Style

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Elevate your living room with the versatile and stylish Haawa U Shape Sofa. This 3-piece sofa set is designed to transform your space and provide comfort. Featuring two large, detached front foot stools, you have the freedom to customize your seating arrangement effortlessly. Whether you prefer a U-shape setup or a left/right-hand side setup, this sofa adapts to your needs.

The U shape sofa boasts finished ends behind the foot stools, allowing for easy removal and installation. This feature adds convenience and flexibility to your living room layout. With the foot stools positioned in front of the sofa, you’ll experience seamless transitions between seating and relaxation.

With its modular construction and adaptable layout, the U shape sofa truly upgarde your living room. Embrace the endless possibilities of this 3-piece set, where comfort and style meet. Haawa’s Bishop sofa is the ultimate choice for those seeking a modern and versatile seating solution that improves any home decor.

Haawa U Shape Sofa Features:

  • Transformable design with 2 ottomans
  • Durable and comfortable seating
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Ample seating space in a U-shape setup
  • Easy-to-clean materials


  • Overall Dimension: 60cm H X 330cm W X 194cm D
  • Sofa: 60cm H X 330cm W


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Dark Grey


80cm H X 330cm W X 122cm D

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