Memory Mattress and Grey Divan Bed with 2 Drawer Storage

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You will love this memory mattress and grey divan bed with 2 drawer storage if you are looking for a comfortable and practical bed. This bed comes with a memory mattress that molds to your body’s contours while you sleep, ensuring the best comfort. The memory mattress also rests over individually pocketed springs that offer superior support where your body needs it the most.

Experience the multitude of benefits offered by our memory mattress, including pain relief, relief of body aches and soreness, reduced motion transfer, and hypoallergenic properties. Transitioning smoothly between each advantage, this mattress ensures a restful and comfortable sleep.

This memory mattress and grey divan bed with 2 drawer storage is not only comfortable and practical but also stylish and durable. It will transform your bedroom into a cozy and elegant space.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get this amazing bed at an affordable price. Order yours today and enjoy the comfort and style of this memory mattress and divan bed with 2 drawer storage.

Memory Grey Divan Bed Features:

  • Firmness Rating: Medium
  • Sleeping Surface: Soft knitted fabric, quilted for comfort
  • Mattress Core: 1000 pocketed springs that adapt to body contours
  • Mattress Care: Just rotate to keep the fillings fresh
  • Comfortable and practical bed with a memory mattress and a grey divan bed
  • Memory mattress that molds to your body’s contours and rests over pocketed springs for superior support and comfort
  • Memory mattress that relieves pain, body aches and discomfort, reduces motion transfer, and is hypoallergenic
  • Grey divan bed that is made of solid all-timber construction and shows the best quality of worker
  •  Divan bed that has two storage drawers for ample space for your iteams
  •  Divan bed that is covered with the finest fabrics and has elegant hand-carved hardwood feet

L200 x W150 x D62 cm


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