Paragon Entertainment TV Unit

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Customers who are living in multi-story building, please take measurement of services lift before placing order for this item.

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Paragon Entertainment TV Unit is great for your living room. It has a big cabinet and a lot of space to keep your things. It also looks good and makes your room better. The space is smart and has different shelves. The cabinet has big shelves where you can put your stuff. The other part has glass shelves where you can show your nice things and pictures.

The TV part also has space for your TV box and speaker. You can keep them tidy and easy to use. The wall part has a bookshelf that you can hang over the TV. It is the same size as the TV part and it looks nice.

Keep and show your things with this furniture set. The Paragon Entertainment TV Unit has a new design and good materials. It has four pieces. The big cabinet has three shelves inside and three shelves outside. The small cabinet has one shelf inside and two glass shelves outside. The TV part can be closed with a flap.

Upgrade your living space with the Paragon Entertainment Cabinet. Experience the perfect combination of functionality, style, and durability. Create a well-organized and visually captivating environment that reflects your personal taste.

Entertainment TV Unit Features:

  • High-display cabinet with divided shelves for practical storage space
  • Spacious shelves for accessories in the closed part
  • Glass shelves for decorations and family souvenirs in the display part
  • Shelves for set-top box and loudspeaker
  • A stable bookshelf that can be hung over a TV set and matches the length of the TV stand
  • Versatile and stylish furniture set for organizing and showcasing belongings.

Entertainment TV Unit Dimensions:

  • Overall Dimension: 190cm H X 300cm W X 40cm D
  • Shelf: 34cm H X 23cm W X 28cm D


Please note that color variations in products may occur due to color combinations on the screen/monitor. You can see our products in-store or catalog to confirm the actual product.


Concrete White/White, Lefkas Oak, Sonoma Oak, White


190cm H X 300cm W X 41cm D

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