7-Piece Basinger Modular Sofa Paragon Furniture

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Customers who are living in multi-story building, please take measurement of services lift before placing order for this item.

Elevate the style and organization of your living room with the modern Basinger Modular Sofa by Paragon Furniture. Designed to impress, the U-shaped sectional sofa features soft upholstery that shows a striking ribbed texture, upgrade your space with a touch of elegance. With its seven modular sections, you have the freedom to arrange the sofa to perfectly fit your unique needs and preferences.

Including a multi functional ottoman further improves the look of this sectional sofa. This handy piece serves as an additional seat for extra guests, a comfortable footrest for relaxation, or even a convenient table for placing snacks and beverages during gatherings. Embrace flexibility and make the most of your living room space with this stylish and functional U-shaped sectional sofa.

Upgrade your living room today with the Basinger Modular Sofa by Paragon Furniture. Experience the convenience of modular design, allowing you to adapt and customize your seating arrangement according to your changing needs. Embrace the perfect blend of style, versatility, and functionality as you create a welcoming and organized living room space that shows your personal taste.

7-Piece Basinger Modular Sofa Features:

  • Soft upholstery with a ribbed texture for style
  • Seven modular sections for customizable arrangements
  • Multifunctional ottoman that can be used as an extra seat, footrest, or table
  • Versatile design that can be used to make a variety of setups
  • Adds style and organization to your living room
  • The U-shape design provides ample seating for family and guests
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • A perfect addition to any modern home that values style and comfort.


  • Overall Dimension: 78cm H X 332cm W X 166cm D
  • Footstool: 41cm H X 83cm W X 83cm D


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gray, Pink


78cm H X 332cm W X 166cm D

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